martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

I'm not Yeezy

DAMN! I’d love to rhyme just like Yeezy does,
But I have the talent of a cheap million hoes,
I woke up this mornin’ thinkin’
How life would be with out ya darlin’
And I found myself dying, Crying, Hoping
that you stay with me for ever
‘cause nobody can heal this Daniela Fever .
I just want to be the one you need
A Superman or Aquaman, even a Freakazoid Geek
Whats my strategy?
Keep flowing ‘till I got this energy
‘cause theres no big, cruel, badass enemy
Who can make this feelin’s go away
F.U.C.         K.
Love you to death


Sing Sing Sing

Tonite Im singing like crazy
Thinking about her just like I never did before.
I feel like I want to leave everything behind and follow her to
the end of the world .
F.U.C.K Im so into her.
"Si Ya lo veia Venir" She's Awesome


sábado, 6 de noviembre de 2010

Choco Torro

Uno de mis pastelitos favoritos desde hace un buen de tiempo, son geniales.
Junk food... I really love this one, strawberry and chocolate, what else you colud ask for.
Photos taken by AlexxzZ


lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Hey! Arnold

Look at this fancy ass hipster bitch.
This bitch is so hipster, I can’t even break down this shit.
He’s got a tiny ass hat sitting in the middle of his yellow as fuck hair.
His hair’s looking like fucking — I don’t know. Like Moses parted that shit and put a little ass hat in the middle.
That hat has no fucking purpose so you know this bitch is ironic as fuck.
His eyes are half opened.
So clearly this bitch is high. All the god damn time.
He’s got his little ass hands on his little ass waist, just like “look at me bitch, I’m cool as shit.”
His head fucking looks like Stewie from Family Guy. And this was before Family Guy was even made. Bitch is so avant garde and shit.
Then all you non hipster bitches think this is a skirt?
The fuck? A skirt?
Bitch. Best believe that’s a sweater thrown over a goddamn plaid tunic.
Bitch is so fucking avant garde and shit.
AND he’s wearing the scenester blue tights and black moccasins.
You wish you were as hipster and as too cool for school as this bitch.
That’s why he’s got them hater ass bitches like Helga all over him.
And a Grandpa that looks like he’s got balls for a chin.
Cause they’re all baller bitches.
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AlexxzZ Ramirez

Stuff No one Told Me

Via Stuff No One Told Me
Gracias a Natisha Coke, que posteo en su blog y me hizo interesarme en lo que este sujeto dibuja,
las ilustraciones son geniales, divertidas, ocurrentes...disfruten.
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